Stuart Shipko, M.D. is well known for his research, education and clinical treatment of panic disorder. His newly published book is based on many years of clinical experience with thousands of panic disorder patients and provides crucial information on the most common issues that people with this misunderstood condition face.
In this book you will find:
  • Symptoms and Medical Conditions beyond the DSM-IV Manual

  • Which Medical Tests are Necessary

  • When to Consider Medication and, if so, Which Medications are Best

  • Heartburn, Sinus, Stomach and Intestinal aspects of Panic Disorder

  • Biology and Psychology of Panic Disorder

  • Anger, Anticipation and Agoraphobia

  • Heredity, Pregnancy, Birth, Children, Relationship and Marriage Issues
See the "Table of Contents" for a detailed list of the many important topics addressed in this book.